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The Clip-On Metallic Ceiling System consists of steel tile manufactured in galvanized pre-coated steel offering superior quality, flexibility and affordability. The clip on profiles is easily assembled by means of rail connectors to form a sturdy mounting grid for the tiles. The system has already captured the market with many commercial businesses opting for its stylish, practical and long-lasting design. State-of-the-art technology coupled with quick and easy installation makes GABSONS Clip-On Metallic Ceiling System the ideal solution for all your ceiling requirements.


The Clip-On system consists of square tiles. The tiles are simply inserted into the profile by being held in a level position and then applying pressure on the dimple points. Stops in the edges of the tiles ensure a positive lock into the spring tile, yet allow for easy demounting of individual tiles as and when required.













GABSONS Clip – On Metallic Ceiling System with steel tile (600mmX600mm) is manufactured out of 0.50mm thick pre-painted galvanized steel as per IS 14246-95. They have matt finish with least gloss on the exposed side and prime alkyd backer on the backside.

The galvanization Gr.: 120 is as per IS:277. The coating is 4-5 microns epoxy with a prime of +18 microns. Two sides of each tile are raised and piped and stopped to ensure positive engagement into the clip-in profile. The suspension system consists of rows of the clip - on profiles made out of 0.50 mm thick galvanized steel. The clip-on profile is spaced at 600mm C/C to support the tiles. Ceiling angle with the thickness of 0.55mm of size 25mmX10mm is suspended from the roof structure by soffit cleat. They are joined to the clip on profiles by hold- on clamps. The tiles are held in place by pressure clips. Wall Angle pre-coated is rolled galvanized steel with pre-coated steel with guard film. 

It is available in 24X24X3050 mm size and is used at the perimeter of the wall/partition.